Instant Renewals

    • We will renew your license on the spot and print a Camera Card.
    • Please bring in your valid Pa. driver’s license.
    • If you have a change of address, we will make this change upon renewal.
    • After issuance of your Camera Card you are required to have your picture taken at a PennDOT photo centerPhoto for your Driver’s License / ID card (must bring camera card) is what you should select on the form.

*NOTE – “Under Step 2:” of the Locations Info Center please make sure Photo for your Driver’s License / ID card (must bring camera card) is checked. This will ensure you are directed to the proper location in your area.

Photo ID Card Renewal:

  • We’ll renew it INSTANTLY and produce a Camera Card on the spot.
  • We’ll need a current or expired state ID or driver’s license (a passport is also acceptable).


New Drivers/Teen Driving Laws

We are able to provide Pa driver manuals for teens and parents.

New drivers and teen driving laws change often. Please review the current laws on the DMV’s website.

To schedule your driver’s test please go to the Online Driver’s Test Scheduling page of Penndot’s website.

Teen Driver Info
Schedule Driver’s Exam


The state no longer prints manuals. Please click the links below to view their PDFs or go to the Driver Services page of their website for more information.

Regular Manual
Motorcycle Manual
Commercial Manual


We are able to provide this service via messenger service. Please note that these services take approximately 48 hours, maybe longer. All situations differ and greatly affect times.

We can help you with commercial DL services. Please call or email because these services vary depending on your current status with PennDot.

CDL Forms, Publications & FAQs

New PA Residents

Welcome to Pennsylvania!

All new residents with out-of-state non-commercial driver’s licenses must obtain a PA Driver’s License within 60 days of establishing Pennsylvania residency.

These services are offered at a PennDot Drivers License Service Center.

Locate Your PennDot Drivers License Center

Drivers License Restoration

Restoration Requirements:

Pending all requirements being met, we can post restoration fee and proof of insurance instantly.

We can assist you in clearing anything in relation to why your license will be, or is already, suspended.

Change of Address

  • We will change your address and print you an update card that you’ll carry with your driver’s license until you renew.
    • Pa. driver’s license or ID card is required in order for us to change your address.
    • If you are interested in obtaining a brand new license with the address change, there is a state/service fee involved and the turnaround time is approximately 7-10 days.

*Note: We cannot provide this service for a commercial driver’s license on the spot; however, we can obtain it via messenger, 48-hour turnaround.

Please call to be advised on products needed to renew CDL licenses.

Replacement/Duplicate Driver’s License

We will apply for a replacement driver’s license for you, and print you a temporary driver’s license card. Your new driver’s license will be mailed to your address on file in approximately 7-10 days, but the time will vary.

You will need a form of identification.

Photo ID duplicate is processed via messenger service with a 48-hour turnaround time.

Driver Record Requests

  • Basic Non-Commercial Driver Record Requests:
    • We can instantly obtain proof of driving record.
    • Pa. driver’s license or state ID is required.
  • 3-Year Driver Record Requests:
    • We can instantly obtain a 3-year driving record.
    • Pa. driver’s license or state ID is required.
  • 10-Year Driver Record Requests:
    • We can instantly obtain a 10-year driving record.
    • Pa. driver’s license or state ID is required.
  • Full History Driver Record Requests:
    • We can instantly obtain a full driving record.
    • Pa. driver’s license or state ID is required.

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