Title Transfers


  • As the seller, you will need to provide a valid driver’s license or state identification (ID), U.S. passport, or military ID along with the title.
  • You will need to provide an accurate odometer reading.
  • If the name differs from the face of the title, such as a name change from marriage, divorce, and citizenship, we need supporting documents to prove the name change on the title versus the name on the driver’s license (i.e., marriage certificate, court decree, etc.).
  • Signing for a company: we must have company letterhead authorizing the seller to sign for said company. Click here to download the fact sheet.


  • As the purchaser, you must provide a valid Pa. driver’s license, Pa. state ID, or U.S. military ID (common access card). If showing a U.S. military ID, we will also require proof of a Pa. address, such as a utility bill or bank statement.
  • Signing for a company: we need company letterhead authorizing the purchaser to sign for said company.
  • An out-of-state title requires a vehicle identification number (VIN) verification. The vehicle must be present, or a tracing of the VIN plate must be provided, or Form MV-41 must be filled out by a local or state police officer or inspection mechanic.
  • Leased company vehicle: the lease company must provide a Power of Attorney (POA) for the purchaser to sign on behalf of the leasing company, along with Form MV-1L to verify who is to receive the registration.

Title Only:

  • As the seller, you will need to provide a valid driver’s license, state ID, U.S. passport, or military ID along with the title.
  • Purchasers must provide a valid Pa. driver’s license, state ID, or military ID.

Title/New Tag:

  • Purchasers must provide a valid Pa. driver’s license, state ID, or military ID along with proof of insurance. It is acceptable to use a previous proof of valid insurance.
  • If purchasing a motorcycle, motor home, or RV, the insurance card must be for that type of vehicle. Acceptable proof of insurance includes an ID card, declaration page, or binder.

Title/Transfer Tag:

  • The purchasers must provide a valid PA driver’s license, state ID, or military ID and proof of insurance.
  • We will also need the registration card or some type of vehicle identification information (e.g., plate #) from the vehicle the tag is coming from.
  • For a truck or trailer, if an out of state title and no weights are listed on the title, the vehicle must be weighed and the weights must be verified by an inspection mechanic. Form MV-41 is meant for this purpose. If a trailer or vehicle was not required to be titled from a previous state, the purchaser must bring in a notarized bill of sale and a transferrable registration card.

Title Transfer (Death):

Upon the death of the owner of a vehicle:

  • Joint Owners with Right of Survivorship means that upon the death of a co-owner, vehicle ownership is automatically passed to the surviving owner(s), and a new title may be applied for by the person(s) whose name(s) is (are) also on the title.
  • Tenants in Common means that upon the death of a co-owner, the deceased owner’s interest in the vehicle passes to his/her surviving heirs or estate. No special endorsement appears on such a certificate of title.
  • Ownership by husband and wife is a special type of joint ownership with the right of survivorship called Tenancy by the Entireties. All procedures for joint tenants with right of survivorship also apply to titles in the name of a husband and wife (except that if a final divorce decree was entered prior to the death of the deceased spouse, the surviving spouse will be treated as a tenant in common – unless the divorce decree provided otherwise).

Duplicate Title

Whoever was on the original title needs to appear in person to apply for a duplicate title, as we will need to notarize signatures.

A valid Pa. driver’s license or Pa. state ID must be provided, along with some form of vehicle information (VIN, tag or title #). The VIN number (as an example) could be obtained from your registration, insurance card or the vehicle.



Motor Vehicle Services 1

  • We can instantly renew/replace your registration card.
  • You will need:
    • Insurance card
    • A valid Pa. driver’s license or state ID (note: only the current owner can renew with this method)
    • Some type of vehicle identification (e.g., VIN #, tag or title #)
  • We’ll renew it for you within minutes and print a new registration card.

Request for Vehicle Information:

  • We are able to provide a copy of a record for a vehicle titled in Pennsylvania.
  • The name and address of the current owner, vehicle identification number (VIN), title, and the license plate number will appear on the record. Also, the vehicle make, model and year will appear on the record. More information can be provided if specifically requested on the form.

Retired Status Vehicle Registration Renewal:

  • Eligible applicants, regardless of age, must be retired and receiving Social Security, SSI payments, retirement benefits or other pensions and annuities. Income from other sources, such as interest, dividends, capital gains, business income, rental income, wages, public assistance, unemployment compensation, cash gifts, life insurance and death benefits must be considered in calculating total income.

*NOTE: Those who receive only unemployment compensation or public assistance, or who are a student or other individual who is not retired, do not qualify.

  • The total income from all sources named above must not exceed $19,200.00.
  • To be eligible for the retired status processing fee, the vehicle must be titled and registered in the person’s name that meets the above qualifications. If the vehicle is registered jointly to 2 people, at least 1 of the registrants must meet the requirements above. The qualified person making application for the reduced fee, must be the principal driver of the vehicle unless physically or mentally incapable of driving. Only 1 vehicle per person may be registered for the $10.00 processing fee.

*NOTE: Only those vehicles with a registered gross weight that does not exceed 9,000 lbs. may be registered at the reduced fee

Transfer Registration:

  • You will need to bring the registration card or title for both vehicles involved in the transfer.
  • If the vehicle is owned for more than 14 days, you will need to provide proof of insurance for the specific vehicle for which registration is being transferred.
  • You will need to provide a valid Pa. driver’s license, state ID, or military ID.

Vehicle Registration Address Change:

  • Pennsylvania requires that you report any new address to PennDOT within 15 days of moving.
  • We can INSTANTLY provide a new vehicle registration.

Vehicle Registration Duplicate/Replacement:

  • We can issue duplicate/replacement of registration/plates INSTANTLY.
  • We will need vehicle information (vehicle information number (VIN), tag, title) and valid ID.

In-Transit Tags

We can offer out-of-state residents a 60-day in-transit tag for getting a vehicle that was purchased in Pa. back to their state of residency.

You will need to provide a valid out-of-state license and a valid out-of-state insurance card. The seller must appear in person to have the title notarized unless the title has been previously signed by the Pa. seller and notarized.

The buyer must appear in person as well. No POA accepted.

New PA Residents

  • All new residents are required to make application for Pennsylvania title and registration of their vehicle(s) within 20 days of establishing residency in Pennsylvania.
  • Individuals are required to have a valid form of Pennsylvania identification in order to make application to title and register a vehicle in Pennsylvania.
  • Pennsylvania title procedures require that the out-of-state title be surrendered to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles when applying for a Pennsylvania title.
  • In order to title and register your vehicle(s), you will need to bring the following items with you:
    • A valid title for all of the vehicles you want to register in Pennsylvania, issued in your name, from your previous state.
    • Proof of Pennsylvania insurance, such as a valid insurance identification card, declaration page of an insurance policy, a copy of a valid binder or a copy of an application for insurance to the Pennsylvania Assigned Risk Plan for all of the vehicles you will be registering. These documents must indicate both effective and expiration dates.
    • A tracing of the vehicle identification number (VIN) or the verification of the VIN by an inspection mechanic or notary public.
    • Appropriate title, lien, registration fees and sales tax (if applicable).
  • If you are titling and registering a leased vehicle, the leasing company will also be required to complete Form MV-1L.
    *NOTE: A Power of Attorney may be required from the leasing company.
  • You will need to provide 1 of the following credentials for identification purposes, a valid:
    • Pennsylvania Photo Driver’s License,
    • Pennsylvania Photo Identification Card,
    • Pennsylvania Photo Exempt Driver’s License,
    • Pennsylvania Photo Exempt Identification Card, or
    • U.S. Armed Forces Common Access Card.
    • Dependents of Armed Forces personnel must provide a valid United States Uniformed Services Identification and Privilege Card (DD Form 1173).
  • If your vehicle is financed, we need to request the title from your lender. Please call them and obtain a fax number or email for the purpose of title release.

Sales Tax:

Disability Placards

Persons with disability plate/Persons with disability placard:

We have forms available in our office for your use. Your doctor may also have these forms available. After having your doctor complete the form, please bring it into our office with your valid Pa. driver’s license or photo ID and we can notarize the form.

We can assist you in obtaining this product from Harrisburg.

License Plates

Instant Plates:

  • If the vehicle is already titled and owned more than 14 days you must provide:
    • A valid Pa. driver’s license, state ID or military ID
    • Proof of insurance specifically for the vehicle
    • Proof of ownership specifically for that vehicle


  • Bring your valid Pa. driver’s license or state ID along with basic vehicle information (i.e., VIN or tag #, etc.).
  • We are unable to replace a plate for antiques or classics instantly.

Special Fund Plates:

Motor Vehicle Services 2

The River Otter plate became available in February 1999. This is the second Wild Resources Conservation Fund Plate and replaces the Saw-Whet Owl Plate which has been retired. Proceeds support the management of the Commonwealth’s unique flora and fauna.

Motor Vehicle Services 3

The Pennsylvania Zoological Council license plate was first issued in April 1996. Proceeds benefit the Pennsylvania Zoological Council’s 5 member zoos: the Philadelphia Zoo, the Pittsburgh Zoo, the Erie Zoo, the Elmwood Park Zoo, the National Aviary and the Lehigh Valley Zoo.

Motor Vehicle Services 4

The Preserve Our Heritage plate became available in December 1998. Fifteen dollars from every “Preserve Our Heritage” plate sold will underwrite the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission’s educational and exhibit programs.

Personalized Plate:

  • A personalized registration plate may contain a combination of up to 7 letters and numbers.
  • One hyphen or 1 space is permitted, but not both.
  • Special characters are not available.
  • A personalized motorcycle registration plate may contain up to 5 letters and numbers in combination.

*NOTE: A hyphen or space is not recognized as part of the plate configuration and does not count as 1 of the letters or numbers.

Military License Plates:

Antique, classic, collectable and vintage plates:

Disability Plates:

  • We have forms available in our office for your use. Your doctor may also have these forms available. After having your doctor complete the form, please bring it into our office with your valid Pa. driver’s license or photo ID and we can notarize the form.
  • We can assist you in obtaining this product from Harrisburg.
  • Hearing Impaired Registration Plate or Person with a Disability Motorcycle Plate is processed via messenger service.

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