PA Birth Certificate Replacements

We are only able to request birth certificates for the state of Pa. Please bring a valid government issued ID (Pa. driver’s license, photo ID, etc.). CDL Drivers: new requirement.

Pa. birth certificates are acceptable forms of identification for various uses, such as:

  • Personal identification
  • Employment
  • Passport application–both parents name on birth certificate
  • Social Security

To request a birth certificate, you must be:

  • Person named on the birth certificate, who is 18 years of age or older (if under 18, an immediate family member must apply)
  • Legal representative
  • Husband / Wife
  • Parent / Step-parent*
  • Brother / Sister / Half Brother / Half Sister
  • Son / Daughter / Stepson* / Stepdaughter*
  • Grandparent /Great Grandparent
  • Grandchild / Great Grandchild
  • Power of Attorney

*A step-parent or step-child is required to submit the parents’ marriage record supporting their relationship.

Due to an overwhelming need for Birth Certificates the Vital Records department process could take up to 14-30 business days. Time will vary. If you require a Birth Certificate immediately please call us and we can direct you to the nearest Vital Records office in your area.

Death Certificates

We can assist you in obtaining a death certificate.

  • Be a legal representative of decedent’s estate,
  • Be an immediate family member,
  • Be an extended family member who indicates a direct relationship to the decedent, or
  • Have a Power of Attorney.

Death certificates will be mailed directly to the customer.

Lehigh County Dog License

Pennsylvania dog owners are reminded to apply for required 2018 dog licenses before the Jan. 1, 2018, deadline. State law requires that all dogs 3 months or older be licensed by Jan. 1 each year.

Dog license fees:

  • An annual License is $8.50.
  • If the animal is spayed/neutered, the Annual License is $6.50.
  • A $0.50 agent fee will be charged.

Payments accepted: Cash only

Discounts are available to older adults and people with disabilities.

Messenger Services

Dealer/full agents/station owners:

We can provide service to Harrisburg for your business needs:

  • Title work

  • Dealer titles

  • Inspection stickers

  • License plates

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